Thursday, 9 April 2015

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyelids - a seriously useful tutorial

winged eyeliner for hooded eyelids tutorial

Do you love wearing black liquid liner? Are your attempts at cat eyes usually a miserable failure? Do you wonder why all those eye makeup tutorials look great on everyone else but weird on you? Then you might have hooded eyelids and this might be helpful.

I don't have the most severely hooded eyes but when my face is resting (read: not posing for a photo) you can't see all that much of my mobile lid. When I attempt to wing my liner out more than half a centimeter it runs over the crease and turns crooked as soon as I open my eyes. Cat eyes are firmly out of the repertoire.

So here's a PSA if you're like me - Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo recently released an amazing tutorial, where she demonstrates how to shape liner in a way that bypasses all the pesky distortion. The method involves blending black eyeshadow into the crease to give the illusion of a straight, unbroken line.

I thought I'd give it a go after seeing all her amazing viewer photos on Twitter and it ended up being a major lightbulb moment for me (please see the above photo evidence of my first ever half-decent cat eye).

I'd really recommend watching if your eye shape makes it a struggle to achieve winged out liner. Who knows, it might be a gamechanger for you, too!


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