Sunday, 1 February 2015

Is it too late to post my NYE nails?

Purple and white glitter gradient with Wah Nails Those Clingy Girls lilac glitter nail art

Well, yes, obviously it is. Who really cares though? I eked out the very last drops of my Wah London glitter (the shade is called Those Clingy Girls and it's expensive for what you get but christ, the SPARKLES) and slapped on a gradient over white polish. I learned during this process that glitter gradients are surprisingly rage-inducing to pull off, particularly as when you muck up you have to go through the soul-destroying process of removing it entirely. I reckon the result was worth it though!

In non nail-related news, I finally managed to convince someone to give me a PR job in October. I'm working for an agency in Manchester doing a variety of cool media stuff. Pinch me, I even have a pension! 

However, I've only actually just moved to Manchester in the last fortnight - before that, I was commuting every day from Sheffield. People pull off much worse commutes for far longer, but being a person whose usual bedtime used to be 4am, it was a big lifestyle adjustment (and one I never really properly got the hang of). I was a partial zombie in a permanent grump. With rubbish nails. 

Thankfully, I'm all settled in my new place now - going from a five-ish hour round trip to a 15 minute walk to work has made all the difference, as I now have time for an actual personal life, etc. New city, new start, new blog posts to forget to write! It's going to be fab.


  1. Wow your nails are gorgeous!! Big congrats on the new job, it seems you were very determind to be willing to travel for 5 hours!! I'm sure you deserve it :)
    Sam xx

  2. The nails look incredible! And congratulations on the job :) xx


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