Thursday, 2 October 2014

NYC Beauty Haul | MAC and Sephora

Mac omega deep damson fast play lipstick anastasia brow wiz soft brown

Hello guys! I've been back from NYC for a couple of weeks now, so I wanted to share my favourite beauty buys from my holiday. I'll be honest - what you're seeing right here is an edited selection of my make-up haul. I think I went into some sort of fugue state after working out the exchange rate.

I managed to restrain myself quite well in Sephora, with my first pre-planned purchase being the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown. There's tons of glowing reviews for this particular product floating around, but believe the hype - it works miracles for sparse brows and makes finding the balance between "defined" and "coloured in" an absolute doddle. The size of the nib allows you to quickly pencil on fine, hair-like lines without the endless need for sharpening. Doing my brows is no longer the most tedious part of my make-up routine and rest assured, my old Rimmel pencil has gone straight in the bin!

Second on my list was a brown eyeliner pencil. Although black gel liner is usually my go-to, I occasionally fancy something more natural. I picked up an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Whiskey, a matte brown shade that looks warm and subtle when smudged out. The 24/7 pencils take me back to some of my more dubious teenage make-up choices (let's just say that blue eyeliner is best left to the pros), but the formula is still just as amazing!

Then... MAC happened. After trekking around the shops all day in the 30 degree-plus heat, my make-up had melted off in random patches and I looked like a wreck. One of the lovely girls in there fixed up my face and demo'd a few different products for me - some of which I ended up buying! 

The two eye shadows I fell for were Omega and Deep DamsonOmega is a matte grey/brown that, in the words of the MAC lady, is "basically the colour of a shadow". For me, it's a great utility shade for lids and brows. Deep Damson is a dark purple and little more vibrant- though the two work together beautifully!

Lipstick was another case of natural vs. dramatic. Fast Play is a pinky brown shade probably better described as "my lips but better and darker". Rebel is a dark purple/red, which will hopefully serve as a fitting replacement for my retired Starry Eyed by Rimmel. To top off the madness, I also finally got my hands on a Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade (a pretty, pearly highlighter).

Phew, that looks bad written down (and it's not even everything)! I'm now back in the UK with the world's glitziest hole in my pocket - there's going to be an NYC highlights post coming your way in the not too distant future. Until then!


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