Sunday, 6 July 2014

Leeds Ball 2014

I went to my first (and possibly last) ever Leeds Ball last month and absolutely loved it! It's always hyped up every single year as the party to end all parties, which is probably why I saved it for a final year experience. Obviously, it was also an excellent excuse to buy a new dress (from Lavish Alice) and, in my particular case, wear as much jewellery as humanly possible (see photo evidence below). Leeds really go all out on this one - the union and the centre of campus is transformed into a fairground, roller disco and laser quest arena, with bars scattered all over the place and at least three different rooms full of musical acts on offer. Putting that steep ticket price to work!

I'll admit, I arrived prepared to be disappointed, but the night ended up as one of my favourites from my entire university experience. Thankfully, the weather held up for the night, while all the fairy lights and fairground rides made the campus I see everyday look pretty dreamy. It wasn't perfect by any means (queues, queues, queues), but the combination of the (genius) non-stop Friends marathon sofa area, a well-timed cheeseburger and a terrific group of friends meant that I ended up leaving well after sunrise. Not bad for the last big night out of my student days. Remind me again why I have to graduate?


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