Friday, 4 July 2014

Haul | Topshop and Urban Outfitters Jewellery

L-R: Urban Outfitters earring set £12, Topshop necklace and choker set £12, Urban Outfitters bracelets £3 each (in the sale)
L-R: Topshop rings £6.50 and £4

There's been a fair few new editions to my jewellery box and I've pretty much gone all out with new earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings! I've picked up all of these within the last month or so - a tad excessive usually, but as I was lucky enough to recently receive a Topshop gift card (a leaving present from the team I interned with this year), I decided to make the most of living a five minute walk away from a massive Topshop while I still could (miss you, Leeds). If I was out running errands I'd pop in to choose the odd nail polish or piece of jewellery. Or just forget the errands part and go shopping instead.

I can't decide on a favourite from this selection, but it's probably between the amazing choker (shiny!!!) or the hashtag ring. As someone who a) is easily amused and b) loves all things social media, it made for a highly appropriate impulse buy.

Urban Outfitters also has some amazing jewellery in at the moment. I picked up these bracelets in the sale for about half price. The first is gorgeous despite being a little on the large side (wearing it as an anklet instead) and the second is a friendship bracelet to match the one I got for my friend, Abi (I'm a sap). 

Outside of the sale, I think that Urban Outfitters does the more hard-to-find types of jewellery really well, like pull-through earrings, ear cuffs and ear climbers (as soon as they bring out a gold one, I'm in). However, they offer some fantastic basics too, particularly for those of us with multiple piercings. I've found it surprisingly tricky to source a set of minimal, non sparkly gold studs for my seconds and thirds! I don't have cartilage piercings though, so I gave the gold hoops to my twin sister. It's made me start wondering if it's time to get my helix done... which will mean more jewellery shopping. Uh oh.



  1. Omg the necklaces are so prettyyy!!! You got some really nice jewelry.

  2. I love Urban Outfitters Jewellery, so pretty- great post!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, follow the link for the rules and your questions :)
    Mary x


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