Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm Baaaaaack! (Sort Of)

Hi guys! I'll admit that this will be a "why I've been to busy to blog" post. It's been a while since I've last been on here - I was churning out posts pretty regularly until about a month ago, when I hit the classic brick wall of having no free time. Uni work has been a big factor as I find myself barrelling head first into the final few months of my degree, but I always like to chuck a few extra things onto my plate wherever possible. Fun things!

I spent the majority of February dancing. I've been a member of Dance Exposé since I was just a tiny fresher at Leeds Uni and I still love every second. It is hard work, though - we rehearse four nights a week for our annual show (which includes around 35 separate routines). Show week always ends up looking like a blur of lipstick, fast food, lycra and adrenaline. It's fantastic.

(Show pics courtesy of Leo Garbutt Photography)

After a crazy month, I spent one week learning how to be a normal citizen again (doing laundry, doing university work, not eating pizza for breakfast, etc.) and then it was already time to head to London! For my dissertation, I'm looking at how MPs are using social media, and part of my research involves speaking to a few politicians about their own personal experiences with the big bad world of Twitter. The process of obtaining said interviews has been the cause of a few sleepless nights over the last few months, but in the end everything turned out perfectly - fingers crossed the rest of my dissertation follows the same trend! I had to split most of my time there between my interviews in Westminster and working in Starbucks, but I got the opportunity to hang out with my twin for an afternoon in Covent Garden.

Yeah, I took a selfie in front of Big Ben. I'm that guy. I'm going to be snowed under with a ridiculous amount of deadlines for the remainder of March, but I've got some posts in the queue. Hopefully after then it'll be back to business as usual - I really miss blogging! Until next time!

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