Friday, 14 March 2014

Green and White Spots and Stripes Nail Art

Hello guys! Here's a quick post to show you my nails from a few weeks ago - I was killing time late at night by experimenting with the amazingly versatile Models Own Nail Art Pen (which has a reversible pen nib and a striping brush). This design is so ridiculously easy but I loved it! I'll admit that I got a little bit trigger-happy with my top coat due to the sudden onset of sleepiness, hence the smudged index finger. The base is Barry M in Mint Green, but it would probably go great with any pastel colour. 

I hope you're all doing well and that if you're a student like me your deadlines and exams aren't killing you too much. My March is looking pretty bleak, as the amount of words I need to conjure up and commit to paper only continues to stack up (might just stop paying rent and move into the library for the next two months). Posts might be a little bit sporadic as a result, but since procrastination is always my favourite option, I'll definitely have fresh nails at some point. Until next time!

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