Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nail Art: Red and White Christmas Tree

More Christmas trees. Can't resist! I suffered a few nail breakages after my last post and my nails were looking quite scruffy, so I decided to start again with another festive nail art design.

This is a combination of several styles I found on Google. I was originally looking at Christmas jumper designs, but had to nope on out of there when I realised how tricky it would be to pull off with my limited skills. I loved the red and white combination, though. Eventually, I went with white dots on red, which I suppose is intended to be snow-esque (if you squint), alongside a silhouette tree accent nail.

My improvisation was slightly more horrendous this time - I used the same pin method for the white dots but ended up using an old eyeliner brush for the Christmas tree. My right hand is a bit of a war zone. I think the overall effect is quite neat, though, so I'll cut myself some slack this time!

I used Barry M - Red Wine 1A and Barry M - Matte White 66.

Merry Christmas!


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